Limousine service in Rome and Milan

Rent with driver

The rental with driver is characterized by the fact that it is a completely different service from Taxi. First of all, it is a service that takes place on non-approved vehicles of superior quality. It is no coincidence that the most successful automotive brands among the cars are Mercedes and BMW. Often the E and S models of the Mercedes, the 5 and 7 series for the BMW.
The cars are almost always brand new (in Coop Airport the cars never have more than 2 years of service) with high standards of comfort and cleanliness.
The service is dedicated to those who book it and at the end of each service the car returns to the shed waiting for a subsequent service, during that time the driver carries out a quality check and supplies the machine with water, newspaper, etc.
The advantage of having booked an NCC is in extreme flexibility.
For example, if we land at 01:30 the only possibility could be to take a taxi, if there is, or call our driver (always in a jacket and tie) just out of our plane. Obviously the serenity of mind is different from those who are anxious because maybe it has a delay that forces him to look for various transport solutions to get from Fiumicino to Rome (about 40km).

Rental with driver Rome

The service in Rome is certainly used at Fiumicino Airport in the connections from the Aerostazione to the Center of Rome.
At the airport only some companies are accredited, including the Coop Airport as shown on the official page of the Aeroporti di Roma. The transfer from Fiumicino Airport to Rome center takes about 45 minutes on average, but this duration may change due to the unpredictable traffic in Rome. The NCC service is then exploited by large companies that prefer to rent luxury cars to executives specialized in managing relations with the central public institutions.

Rental with driver Milan

In Milan the service is different from the Roman one because certainly more business. The service in the Milanese capital is characterized by taking a car with driver available for part of the day rather than for transfers to Aerostazioni or Train Station.
Certainly there is a conspicuous use of the NCC in transfers from Malpensa or Linate to the center of Milan but slightly less in the number of hours of use in the city by private managers.