Formula E returns to Rome

Saturday, April 13th, the Rome 2019 ePrix will be played, the second edition of the 100% electric run in the Italian capital. The circuit in which the race will be run winds for 2.84 km in the Eur area, for a total of 21 changes of direction.

The EUR city circuit has a length of 2.87 km, for a total of 21 laps. The start / finish line is located in Via Cristoforo Colombo. 



The Formula E single-seater do not have power comparable to the F1 “jets”, but remain unique in the motorsport scene. At first glance and with the engine off, both profane and enthusiasts cannot be misunderstood with other racing cars.

For a very simple reason: the "evolved biplane" that is the front, which exhibits a radical and unprecedented aerodynamic choice. The classic front wing has been replaced by a double wing.

The electric engines in the race reach 180 kW, which equates to just under 245 horses. This is the maximum peak, while in the qualifications you can reach 200 kW, about 272 horses. They are not mind-boggling numbers, even if with a mass of 880 kg the weight / power ratio (about 3.5 kg / hp) can be considered sporty.

Performance is adequate for city circuits and the maximum speed is 225 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 takes about three seconds.



Changes to the roads ahead of the Geox Rome E-Prix 2019 of 13 April. From 20.30 on Wednesday 10 April to 05:30 on Monday 15, via Cristoforo Colombo will be closed, in the stretch between Via Laurentina and the Avenue of the Atlantic Ocean. The Pontina del GRA exit is also closed towards Roma Centro / Eur for vehicles coming from both carriageways from 6.30am to 12.00pm on Thursday 11 February and until Saturday 13 April. Alternatively, Anas recommends using the Laurentina and Via del Mare / Ostiense junctions. Metro B remains open, so you can regularly descend at the Eur Magliana, Eur Palasport or Eur Fermi stops.