Advantages of rental with driver

How the NCC service works

The customer can use this service through the app or the appropriate site to book a car with a private driver to reach his destination. There are no limits on distance, place and time and the service ensures that every driver has the license, be it professional and able to do their job as well as possible.

Through the site, it becomes therefore possible to check the reviews of the drivers to check their skill and talent; often, you can also choose the type of car. In this way it will be possible to have security guarantees and to express a preference on the car. Logically, there will be differences regarding the cost, depending on whether the route is short or long.


How NCC and taxis differ

The average customer who exploits or could use a service like that of NCC does not take public transport into consideration, with which there would be great differences. The comparison with the taxi is instead much more evident, being a very similar service after all.

The differences are in some points, among which the main one concerns pricing. A taxi provides, in fact, a cost that varies according to the journey and therefore becomes variable; for NCC, instead, the price is established before booking the driver and represents a fixed cost.

Once the booking has been made, there can be no doubt that the driver voluntarily extends the route precisely because he cannot pay a different amount from the pre-established one.

Another important difference is that the service can be booked in advance; unlike some taxis, you can choose the driver and at the same time undo everything without problems. Clearly, there will be a minimum time within which it will be possible to modify the reservation, but it is up to the customer to worry about paying attention to it.


Where can this service be used?

NCC is spreading quite quickly in the big Italian cities, especially Rome and Milan, but also Turin. Young people and tourists alike appreciate the comforts on offer and there are many enthusiastic reviews, especially from regular customers. The possibility to choose the car model also allows you to save or to access various options and extra comfort, all positive aspects of the service.

This service is also very useful for those who have to make numerous trips during the day that may not be covered by taxis. Thanks to NCC, on the other hand, it will be possible to book the journeys well in advance and be able to quickly and comfortably meet every deadline.

Furthermore, it is very convenient to bring your car with private driver directly to the airport for tourists and workers. In this way, it will be possible to reach your destination quickly, even without knowing the city, and you can easily move from the airport (contact

So you can decide to go to the center or even reach the province at really cheap rates.

This service, therefore, presents itself as an alternative and safe solution to taxis to put an end to many customer inconveniences. Summing up the advantages, NCC is absolutely competitive on the market for: